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Rawesense Organic Henna Powder

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Rawesense Henna gives the needed care for hair, gives natural brown/red colour. All this without Chemicals, PPD, and Parabens. Indigo gives a much-needed black look to your hair without Chemicals such as ammonia.


Benefits of Henna powder:

  • Henna powder is a Natural product.
  • It acts as a conditioner
  • Gives natural colour dark red/brown.
  • Naturally cultivated Henna Leaves were used to make this powder.
  • It does not contain any chemicals such as PPD and Parabens.
  • Safe to use for all ages.

Henna or popularly known as Mehendi is not just a herb but it is a symbol of culture. Every special occasion or festival in India starts with applying henna. It has been used as a natural hair colour. But it does many more things than simply adding natural colour. It helps to maintain overall hair health like repairing the damaged hair, balancing pH levels, and most importantly as a natural conditioner.
The reasons for dandruff are many. The lifestyle, environment, vitamin deficiency, scalp health, and many more. The henna takes good care of scalp health if applied thoroughly. The henna removes excess grease and dirt on the scalp and helps to seal the hair cuticle to retain the scalp moisture. It improves hair elasticity and strength which keeps your hair from breaking off. Eventually, it reduces split hair and contributes to hair growth.

How to Use:

  • The first step is to take any vessel (Preferably an Iron) and put the henna powder.
  • Add water to make it into a paste. As an optional, you can also add raw egg white that improves conditioning ability.
  • Keep the paste untouched and in a secured (preferably shaded) place for 24 hours.
  • If you have any historic skin allergies, consider doing a patch test- first apply to the hand, elbow, or behind the ear and validate. If it makes you uncomfortable, please discontinue the usage.
  • Apply the paste to the scalp and the hair thoroughly and liberally. Clean hair will give better results. Avoid usage of conditioner. The chemicals in the conditioner prevent henna results.
  • Protect the hairline and neck since henna can stain. Use a hair-band or apply oil to the hairline and neck.
  • If you have white hair and would like to have a darker colour, use the paste on hair without oil.
  • Otherwise, you can apply on the oiled hair to get the good conditioning.
  • Wash the hair after 1 hour.
  • Do not use the shampoo on the same day if you are applying henna for colouring purposes.


  1. Any masks made from scratch or use certain formulas should always be first tried using a "patch" test to see if it suits the skin. ((For a Patch test: dab a small amount of the clay mask behind your ear / your inner elbow/wrist area and leave it to dry))
  2. Some Powders may be absorbed by the pores and result in staining of the skin. Always follow up with coconut oil massage to remove any staining. It may also stain cloth, so be aware and take appropriate measurements.
  3. Keep the product away from water contamination as it is all-natural and does not have any added preservatives.
  4. Store it in an airtight container and avoid exposing it to sunlight. Preferably store it in a cool, shaded space.

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